Please See the list Below and Click on the individual "Read More" links to get more detailed info on Rose Society and other Garden events for 2017 … [Read more...]

“Rose Societies Nationally and Locally” with Georgie Bever

Is there a world of Roses outside of Boulder?  Yes, there is and we will find out more from Georgie Bever of the Denver Rose Society who will help us … [Read more...]

“Ornamental Vines for Front Range Landscapes” with Merle Moore

Ever wanted to enhance your garden with other plants?  Merle Moore has an answer for you!   RAISING THE PERSPECTIVE OF EARTHBOUND GARDENERS In this … [Read more...]

“CSU Perennial Garden & Perennial Plant Evaluation Program” with Merle Moore

Seems like everything gets tested in this world today.  The plants we buy at the stores sure do.  Join us as we get a tour and information on how that … [Read more...]

Fall Fertilizing and Cleanup

2017 Fall Pruning and Fertilizing of the Dushanbe Tea House rose garden. In case of Bad Weather, the Alternate date is the 26th of September.  Same … [Read more...]

Share pictures of your roses or bring cuttings of roses you especially like.

Welcome to the Boulder Valley Rose Society's idea of a Rose Show!  In this show every Fresh and Dried Flower is in First Place.  Every Picture belongs … [Read more...]

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